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Fly Along - Mt. Assiniboine Tour

Flying in a helicopter above the Rocky Mountains over Marvel Lake and around the peak of Mt. Assiniboine is spectacular any time of the year but in fall when the larch trees are all bright yellow it's definitely something special. :) (Keep in mind this was shot for Instagram so we apologize for the vertical video aspect)

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Explore Banff - Hike Along - Sunshine Meadows/Rock Isle Lake

Hey Friends!  We went up to Sunshine Meadows this week and wanted to take you all with us. Here's a little Hike Along to hopefully inspire you to get up here and experience this premier spot! See you up here soon!  (Again please forgive the vertical video aspect as this was originally shot for Instagram stories. thanks! :)

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Don't Waste Your Time.... In the Canadian Rockies

When the first edition of this book came out years ago we immediately picked up a copy and gave it a solid read through.  It was unlike any hiking guide book we'd ever read. It wasn't just dry old facts listed in alphabetical order or by what area of the national park each hike was in.   This was the guide book we'd been waiting for.   The MAJOR difference with this book is that it gives you opinionated descriptions of all the hikes in the Banff area.  It tells you which ones to do and why.  It's even honest enough to tell you which ones you shouldn't do.  This is all based on the effort to reward ratio that...

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