Don't Waste Your Time.... In the Canadian Rockies

When the first edition of this book came out years ago we immediately picked up a copy and gave it a solid read through.  It was unlike any hiking guide book we'd ever read. It wasn't just dry old facts listed in alphabetical order or by what area of the national park each hike was in.   This was the guide book we'd been waiting for.  
The MAJOR difference with this book is that it gives you opinionated descriptions of all the hikes in the Banff area.  It tells you which ones to do and why.  It's even honest enough to tell you which ones you shouldn't do.  This is all based on the effort to reward ratio that the authors (Craig and Kathy Copeland) have developed. Basically they suggest Premier, Outstanding, Worthwhile and Don't Do hikes keeping in mind how pleasurable the entire hike is. Not just the view at the end. Is there a lot of beauty along the way? are there some interesting spots to check out? Do you cross a creek a few times? are there amazing viewpoints? or will you be stuck in a dense bush for hours on end with no view and nothing much to experience?
When we bought this book, we immediately decided we would try to do every one of the "Premier" hikes in one summer... That summer was the best summer of our lives... :)  We did all of them except two. But last fall we were able to tick one more of them off the list and now there is only one remaining.  We've also done a lot of the "Outstanding" hikes and the "Worthwhile" ones as well. 
The photos and descriptions are phenomenal and they make it very easy to find the goods. 
One of the massive upgrades to the book over the past few years is turning it into an ultra lightweight piece of hiking gear!  They've put together this kit with the full size hiking guide book as well as a bunch of smaller booklets with less photos and more specific instruction that you can easily carry along with you on the hike. these small booklets weigh about as much as a pair of sunglasses. This way you don't have to carry the full book. You also don't have to photocopy pages out of the book to take along with you. 
Check out the great video they made to get a full idea of how great this book is. It's an absolute MUST HAVE for anyone who is planning on spending some time in the area and wants to have their best summer ever. It's available in our web store.
Don't Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies VIDEO
See you all out on the trail!