Gear We Love! - The Biolite Camp Stove.

We usually focus on amazing locations, hikes, adventures, photos and stories but we've been loving this camp stove so much, we thought we'd share a little stoke with all of you. 

Living in Canada's oldest national park is such a privilege and we agree 100% with the preservation of Earth's nature treasures.  Along with that mindset comes the desire to practice responsible habits like low impact camping etc.  This stove provides you with opportunity to cook food and boil water without burning fossil fuels.  You can either carry in some "biomass" (aka wood, fire pellets, pinecones etc.) or if you're camping in a free range area just collect any random biomass thats within an arms reach and get cooking.

Once you get a small flame started inside the stove, you press the power button once and the fan turns on to the low setting which feeds oxygen into the fire and gets it roaring within seconds.  You then add more biomass and press the power button one more time which will turn the fan to high. This stokes the fire to its hottest level and you'll see it start to cyclone. At this point the fire will be burning smokeless and incredibly hot (on par with white gas stoves).  You can control the intensity of the fire by switching between the high and low fan settings thus allowing for a higher or lower heat. 

Here's where it starts to work even more of it's magic.  The stove produces enough heat to charge it's battery and much more!  This powers the fan as well as a USB output that you can charge your phone from or power a light.  Essentially this means you could live in the wilderness for weeks on end without needing to get back to civilization to recharge your camera or phone batteries.  Oh yeah, and you can cook food on it or boil water in minutes. (A good quality to have in a camp stove ;)

But our favourite thing about the BioLite CampStove is that you can have a tiny cozy fire no matter where you are!  We've been using ours for just under two years now it hasn't missed a beat.  We also haven't paid for camp fuel in two years either... or packed any with us on a hike....  

Apart from all the benefits these stoves provide avid hiker/campers, BioLite is focussing a lot of effort on building larger versions of this stove for households in third world countries to use.  Rather than cooking over smokey indoor fires, these families will be cooking over much healthier smokeless fires and having free power in their homes.... Pretty amazing. Good people doing good things.

Well, see you out there on the trail friends!