It's always Hut Season...

Well Friends,

We were going to call this post "It's hut season again" but its always hut season! It just transitions from hiking hut season to touring hut season. So whether you ski tour or split board tour, here are a few quick thoughts to help get your brain back in the swing of things. 

1. Go through your touring setup and make sure your gear is in good condition. Make sure you have extra straps, buckles, parts, duct tape etc. So you don't get stuck in the back country

2. Brush up on your hut etiquette. There's a great article here written by the amazing people over at Crowfoot Media that's a perfect reminder and a fun read.  Hut Etiquette by Crowfoot Media

3. Stock up on Clif Bars and packable meals

4. Get your winter tires put on your car, throw an avi shovel and a blanket in the back and make sure your car is stocked up with emergency gear for winter driving. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. 

5. Go through your first aid kit and top up anything you might have used as well as things that may have expired. 

6. Head to the book store and make sure you have a good book for sitting in front of the fireplace with your feet up. 

7. Hit the thrift store in your local mountain town to pick up some good looking vintage fleece. People always drop that stuff off during the summer and now it's your time to reap the benefits!

8. Book in for an AST course and pack as much knowledge and wisdom into your head as possible before you get out there in the back country. And re-familiarize yourself with the avalanche websites we have available to us. It's the best way to eliminate a ton of risk before even leaving your house.  

"You're never an expert.... and if you think you're an expert, you're dangerous.  There's always so much more to learn.  Keep being a student. Surround your self with mentors and people you can learn from" - Jeremy Jones.

9. Get on the ACC website and book yourself a hut because they're going fast. Those dates really start to disappear quick. 

10. Surround yourself with the best group of friends possible and keeps each other safe out there.  Pack in a cold brewsky or twosky. The extra weight is worth it and you'll be happy you did. :)  Maybe bring one for us too! 

See you out there Friends!