Mt. Assiniboine... Off the bucket list.

Well Friends, 

This week was a big one for us. We've been in Banff for a long time but there has been one trip on the bucket list that we just haven't managed to tick off..... Until now.  This week we finally made our pilgrimage into the promised land.  Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park.  Every year it seems that something came up and we ended up letting that year pass by without hiking this magnificent trail.  This year we were lucky enough to book one of the Nayset Huts and have 4 days to hike in, explore the area and hike back out. 

After assembling an all-star team of top notch friends and hiking companions, we set off from Sunshine Meadows at 8:30am.  When you hike with a good group of friends, the kilometres seems to fly by. So many laughs and random games to help the distance pass quickly. There also just happens to be breathtaking vistas in every direction.  It's incredible how varied and different the terrain was throughout the 28.5km hike in. At some points it felt like a classic rocky mountain postcard while at others it felt more like Lord of the Rings or even a rainforest.  

The time flew by once we got there and settled into our hut (named Jonesy).  We had some great planners in our group, thus we flew most of our food in via Apline Heli,  along with a few frothy beverages of course. We met a fascinating group of 16 Korean seniors who cooked the most elaborate meals in the kitchen hut and were out hiking full days.

The adventures and views won't soon fade from our minds but some of the simplest moments will be the ones that stick out.  Sipping coffee on the deck of our hut in the morning sun,  chatting with a couple close friends down by the creek while others spent time stretching and practising yoga, and of course meeting new friends that are drawn to this beautiful place for the same reasons we are. 

We were incredibly lucky to have gotten the weather we did for the 4 days we spent there and the two grizzlies we encountered on the hike out were gracious enough to let us be. They checked us out but decided to just keep eating berries along side the trail.  

Please... please make it a priority to experience this place at least once in your life... We promise you will not regret it. See you all out there on the trails friends...