Summer Adventures!

We live for the next few days off, the next adventure, the next trip to that spot you love or have yet to discover.  We'd like to encourage you to schedule some time this summer, plan a few days to just get out into nature. Find a new beautiful spot to unplug and drink in the smells and sounds around you. You don't have to hike 20km or have all the fancy camping gear. it can be a day trip or a week long trek. Just try to make it a priority and we promise you'll be so glad you did. It doesn't even have to be in Banff.... Buuuuuut we're pretty sure that's the best place to do it. :)

See you out there. 

Oh and of course feel free to snap a few photos and tag us on Instagram or Facebook.   We'd love to see where you ended up exploring and what gems you found. @ExploreBanff #explorebanff