About us

Much like many of you out there we've been frequenting Banff national park our whole lives.  It has a way of grabbing onto you and not letting you go once you've started exploring and discovering all the beautiful spots that can be found here. We made the move to live here full time many years ago and it never gets old. We love it more all the time. We never run out of new places and things to explore.  Explore Banff has naturally become our outlet for the passion and love we have for this place. We love seeing all the photos and hearing the tales of adventure from all of you through our social media outlets.  Please keep tagging us in all your posts so we can share them and continue growing this community of like minded people who can't get enough of this amazing place...

We have a small webstore with some fun Explore Banff products you should probably check out. It's all stuff we love and find to be classic essentials for exploring and having a good time out in the Rockies.  There are some great gift ideas for your friends and family with much more on the way! Check it out. :)

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  • Tumblr: explorebanff.tumblr.com

E-mail us at: explorebanff@gmail.com