Explore Banff


We would imagine you've popped by because you love and appreciate the beauty of Banff National Park just like we do.  Exploring this area never gets old no matter the season. There's adventure and beauty around every corner.

Whether you love hiking, biking, rock climbing, camping, floating, skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing or just simply relaxing and drinking in the world around you, Banff is the best place on the planet to do that.  We truly believe this is the most captivating and addictive location to visit and call home. 

Explore Banff exists to showcase and encourage the mutual appreciation of this magnificent area.  Please feel welcome to partake in our social media outlets by following us and posting your own photos and tagging us in them to share with the world. 

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We can't wait to cross paths with you out there at Bow Hut, Peyto Lake, Sundance Canyon or wherever you choose to Explore Banff.  :)